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Deckster(TM) - The Ultimate 45" Deck Attachment Bracket

At an affordable price!

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Ever since people have built houses, there have been decks to go with them. Yet those decks begin to die the moment they are finished. The wood rots or warps, creating an ugly mess of cracks and splinters. The hidden deck bracket can prevent all this and leave you with a beautiful deck that is virtually maintenance free! It also rids the deck's surface of unsightly and rusty screw or nail heads. The Deckster bracket also works wonders with steps, docks, picnic tables, benches, wharves, and access ramps for handicapped persons.

The philosophy behind Deckster :

Do it right! The First Time!

Yes, a maintenance-free investment which adds to the value and beauty of your home. The Deckster deck bracket is aimed at both the professional and the average do-it-yourselfer! To see for yourself, read some of the many letters we have received. Continue on to find out how this bracket works.


The Deckster Concept

Available at building material centers and construction supply companies across Canada, Deckster is a unique attaching-bracket concept, a safe, stable, long lasting innovation. Because every deck board is double-fastened from underneath, there are no screws or nails to mar the beauty of the wood and no "pop-ups" from the wood surface. With Deckster there is even an air space between the joist and the deck board to prevent deterioration.

Wood splinters and rotting due to moisture penetration around the entry holes (where the screws or nails go) are a thing of the past. Is the picture below a familiar sight?

The intricate design of the Deckster deck bracket guarantees that your deck boards will remain solid. Its unique design guides each screw through a series of two holes penetrating into the deck board at an angle (approx. 45 degrees, works also with 1.25" thick boards) from underneath. This angle results in the screw biting into each grain, creating a strong and constant tension between the surface board, bracket, and joist. Play and bounce in the board is totally eliminated. The Deckster bracket is guaranteed to keep your deck boards solid, strong, stable, durable and safe for as long as you own your deck. The Deckster bracket prevents the tops of the deck boards and joists from being punctured, greatly reducing water penetration into the wood, the primary cause of premature deterioration. This alone increases the longevity of your deck and protects your investment.

The Deckster bracket is the "Premium" attachment bracket at an affordable price. Deckster is a 45" (length), powder-coated steel bracket guaranteed to be the best in quality and performance not only today but for years - 25 years in fact. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be refunded.


Your Deckster construction features:

Remember, you don't have to get under the deck to use the Deckster. Fasten the boards to the joist by kneeling on top and reaching underneath. All you need is enough space for a drill.

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